Company & Seniors

The Company Section (ages 11-15) and the Seniors (15-18) meet every Monday night from 7:45-9:15pm. Despite having the same meeting times, they follow two different activity programmes:

The Discover programme is used for the Company Section. This is split up into three sections: community, recreation, and skills. For more details on Discover, click here.

Challenge Plus is the programme in use for Seniors. Bronze, silver, or gold Challenge Plus badges are awarded for completing short challenges and longer-term projects. For more information on Challenge Plus, click here.

Seniors can also aim for the famous Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as well as the highest awards in the Brigade, the President’s and Queen’s Badges. These do not have to be completed separately, but can be run alongside one another.

Boys are asked to pay subs of £1 per night, in order to fund their activities.

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